Little Black Book

-Camera four.
-I'd do her.

There is some kind of critter
under the table.

It's either a rat....
My sister saw you humping
on a dirty-girl stripper.

Dirty-girl stripper?
You crazy!
I never been with no stripper.

That ain't your grandma.
-That ain't me.

-You're stupider than you look.
-No, you didn't!

What are you, crazy?
-You're a dirty dog!
-Now let's not rush to judgment.

-Are you willing to prove it, Taye?

-What do you say, audience?
-Prove it! Prove it! Prove it!

I got nothing. Lori, what's up?
-Another guest?
-Do we have the right running order?

-Should we have someone?
-Who's up?

-I'm sorry.
-I don't have this.

Hello? Anyone there?
Oh, Jesus! Kippie's gonna--
-There she blows.
-Kippie can't keep covering, Carl!

-Good girl.
-ls anybody in the booth...

...or is it just me down here by myself?
I'm all alone down here!

What are you guys doing?
You're crazy!

-What was the problem, Phil?

Oh, shoot, there it is!
It's a big one!

Okay, people, lots to do.
We got two shows today.

First I wanna say hello
to our new associate producer...

...our little doorbell-ringer herself,
Stacy Holt.

-What's up, girl?
-Just kidding, Stace. Just a little fun.

Welcome to our little thing.
Katie, you wanna show them the--?
Take a look at our new look.
-"Kippie Kann keeps competitors...."
-He's bringing back the hard K's.

-Keep going, Katie. Keep it going.
-lt was her thing, like a trademark.

--"creatively while
keeping keen"....

-But that was a million years ago.
-Nostalgia, folks.

Hearkens back to a simpler time.
They eat it up.

Like when Captain Kangaroo was king
and Casey Kasem was in kindergarten.