Little Black Book

No, we're trying to revamp
the show right now.

So I pitched this idea,
which is this cook-off.

This is its research stage, where
I pretend that I'm Diane Sawyer...

...asking brilliant questions
while looking chic.

That's funny. You know,
she was in the restaurant last week.

Do you want your latte?
-No. Who was?
-Diane Sawyer.

She was here? In Jersey?
Yeah. The night manager
knows her field producer...

:50:24 they all came in
for this big dinner. She's really nice.

She is?
I've wanted to meet her
my whole entire life.

Then you will.
I believe in destiny, don't you?

I do.
Excuse me.
Coming. Coming. Coming.


-I'm just in the middle of an interview.
-Okay, yeah, I'm sorry.

Listen, real quick then.
My machine at home is screwed up.
I need numbers.

-Do you know where my Palm is?

That's great. Okay, I need to get--
Could you look up Rafalsky....
-Yeah, yeah.

Can I borrow a pen and a piece of--?
Thank you.


-And Langenbrunner.

And Langenbrunner.
-ls that it?
-That's it.

-I love you.
-I love you!

-You too, Kipp.
-Oh, hey, listen.

Before I forget,
the password is "Bob."

-All right. Bye.

-Okay, then.
-Can I ask you something...

...totally none of my business?
Were you just talking to Kippie Kann...

...about Jamie Langenbrunner
and Brian Rafalsky?

-You know them?
-I wish.

I am the biggest hockey nut
this side of Newark.

We're trying to book
them on the show.

We're doing a whole recruiting
segment. I'm their hockey gal.

You should meet my ex. He's a scout
for the Devils. Give me your Palm.

-It's frozen.
-I can fix it.

No, that's so sweet, but thank you.
Okay, well, why don't you
just hold down the power button.