Little Black Book

-Open it!
-"T o Barb, I can't wait--

Love, Diane."
I can't believe you!

The night manager got it for you.
It's just a little thing.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-Table 24 left this for you.
-Thank you, Gordon.

-It's Pat Burns.
-Head coach for the New Jersey Devils.

Right, I forgot.
You're the hockey gal.

Oh, my God.
Tickets for the playoffs?
You're beloved.

Come with me. They're for
tomorrow night. I mean, if you can.

These are tickets for the Stanley Cup.
You're a crazy girl.

Well, I don't know anyone else
who likes hockey.

Except my little brother,
and I'd rather go with you.

-And Derek will be there.
-I'm-- Who?

My ex.
I told you about him.
He works for the Devils.

We'll meet him after the game
for a drink. It's a ritual.

Oh, really?
The beautiful people have arrived.
They come every
Wednesday night to be seen.

I better call the manager and make
sure the camera crew is cleared.

So we're on? Great.
Call me. You have my number?

-Okay, good.

Those are Manolos, you clumsy--
If I were you,
I wouldn't finish that statement.

Get a shot of us.
She produces the Kippie Kann show.

-Why is she calling you Stacy, Barb?
-That's her name.

No, actually, my name is Barb.
The other woman
you met's name is Stacy.


-She was Barb.

No-- What?
-Enjoy your meal.
-Join us, Stacy-Barb?

Okay, Phillip.
Bring your camera.

How do you know her?
-We did a show last year on bulimia.
-Oh, why am I not surprised?