Lung fung dau

To be honest, I love my ex hubby more.
He'd give me nothing but the best.
So would I.
This ring is the best I can find.
Liar! You have more precious heirlooms.
No I don't.
Only my mom does.
Then let's just split up.
Heirlooms are only meant for my wife.
But you're proposing to me, right?
Ok, it's goodbye. Wait a minute.
Let me ask mommy.
Mommy, I need our family heirlooms
to propose marriage.

Mommy said I can forget it.
You ask like this. Of course she'll refuse.
Make it sound like it's life and death.
Anyway, let's just break up.
Sign this.
You've been married and divorced.
But my son loves you, so I got no choice.
I'm only entitled to wear the necklace
not own it, unless I'm still married at 60.
In case of divorce, it'll be repossessed.
You don't mind, do you?
If you love Steve, you'll stick with him.