Lung fung dau

At 15, her folks took her to a shrink.
There she met a fellow patient
who was to become her ex husband.
His family's even more distinguished.
Dad ran a hospital. Mom's a judge.
He got 10 distinctions at O Levels.
Don't eat this. It's high in cholesterol.
They're a perfect match.
Birds of a feather indeed.
They began dating from the day they met
and were partners in crime.
Their folks had to send them away.
He went to a military academy in USA.
She went to UK's strictest girl school.
But they both played truant
and bumped into each other in Italy.
Last night they flew to Italy on separate flights.
Perhaps to rekindle an old flame.
That's all you found out?
They must have stolen it.
I want concrete proof.
No problem. We'll fly to Italy tonight.
I don't want this information to leak out.
If insurance knew it's an insider's job
there'd be no compensation.
That's more than enough for my tea.
I'm waiting to hear from you again.
Who ordered this?
Sorry, but I don't deserve you.
I messed you up even before the wedding.
Please don't do this.
Calm down. Listen to me.
You're great. I'm the one to blame.
You'll find someone better.
No. Of course it's not because of the jewels.