Lung fung dau

How come you knew I'd be here.
You followed me all the way from Hong Kong?
Which ring?
It's been a while. Same taste, huh?
How should we steal this?
Just like old times.
Who'll cover who?
Doesn't matter. Let's play it by ear.
Excuse me...
Why do you close your shop so early?
Is it possible for us to have a look first?
No! No?
We're already closed.
Please come back tomorrow.
Can't you make an exception once?
We came from miles away.
And we're flying out this evening.
Easy, easy.
My wife loves your shop.
She'll be upset if she buys nothing.
Can you help me about it?
If I'm home late, my wife will be upset too.
What are you doing?
To smash the glass.
Since when have you become...
such a brute?
What else do you want?
Let's go.
Aren't you gonna lock up?
Don't you know where the key is?
Isn't it with you?
There it is.
Aren't you getting married?
Did you steal the necklace?