Lung fung dau

What makes you think I did it?
You want to put off my marriage.
Silly cow, why would I do such a thing?
We're divorced.
You aren't marrying for the necklace, are you?
At least own up to stealing the ring.
Of course. You saw it.
Split the loot!
That's not easy.
I knew you wouldn't be so obliging.
Playing game again?
Of course. That's how we first hit it off.
Going back to Hong Kong this weekend?
See you at the race course. Going now?
How else could we meet at the horse race?
You bitch.
You're so fat, lucky we flew first class.
Told you to lose weight.
I'm starving.
The in flight food was inedible.
Go ahead and order some food.
Water's fine.
Any good news?
They're fighting with each other.
Is that how it seems?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Wonder what they are up to.
Thick as thieves one sec, foes the next.
I've a hunch they've fallen out.
Problems with splitting the loot.
Heard they'll meet Saturday at the races.
Something fishy is going on.