Lung fung dau

Your luck's run out coz you ran into me.
This alone can get you in jail.
How ungentlemanly! Are you still a man?
Answer me!
Just give up, son.
I'm the shrewdest judge of character.
That woman does not really love you.
Marrying her won't bring you happiness.
Have a cornflake.
I got it. I know how to woo her back.
Please lend me another family heirloom.
I'm gonna propose again.
She's ill bred, money grabbing
sharp tongued and full of attitude.
I won't accept her into our family.
If you still treat me as your mother...
you should look for someone else.
I'm the insurance surveyor
in charge of the necklace case.
Any compensations?
You've been a kleptomaniac since a kid.
You and your ex were a thieving couple.
You were partners at high school in USA.
The cops almost got you two at college.
You got away on insufficient evidence.
You suspect me? Where's the evidence?
Better own up before the claims deadline.