Lung fung dau

It's the necklace.
I'm betting on No. 9.
No. 3.
At the last 200m stretch,
No. 3 is leading by a big margin.
The gallop is light.
No. 3 is again the hottest.
The odds is only 1 to 9.
No. 3 is picking up speed.
The other horses are still way behind.
Oh, yes.
No. 6 is slightly ahead.
No. 8 moves up along the rail.
There appears to be a tie.
Results must be determined by photos.
You've lost. Mine depends on the film.
No. 8.
First place, No. 8.
Second place, No. 6.
Told you I bring luck to my husband.
Feeling great? Winning again.
It's like this every time. You always win.
Told you not to be greedy.
Never mind. There's always next time.
This is the season's final race.
There's always next season.
Is this bottle very expensive?
The '61 Cheval Blanc is our most valuable wine.
You can have it if the price is right.
Hubby, look, what a cute little bottle.
Let's buy a few dozen cases.
Honey, look at that one.
The magnum bottle is even cuter.
Do you have a dozen or more bottles?
Yes, we do.
The fourth one on the top shelf please.
That's right, the blue bottle.
Both of those please.
And the fourth one on the top shelf.
And the second one on the third shelf.
Come over here.