Main Hoon Na

I'm leaving. I can't live
with this lie anymore

Lie? Are you calling
our marriage, our son a lie?

And what about the one
who is sitting outside...

your illegitimate son?
He's a truth too
And if he enters the house,
I am leaving

Where will he go?
It's not his fault

You're right Shekhar.
It's not his fault

It's my fault
for having trusted you

For my sake...
because of me, father
stayed away from his family

I will bring them home
They won't come home, son,
not till you're here

You can't go anywhere
at this stage, Ram

I need you till 15th August.
- I know, sir

But I made a promise
to my father

Then go ahead.
Project Milaap was his dream too

Ram, this is the photograph
Raghavan gave me

It's my daughter Sanjana,
in her college in Darjeeling

This picture was taken
from her college

A gun can reach where a camera can.
And it's my worst fear

Sir, why don't you call her back?
- Because she won't agree