Main Hoon Na

Check the corridors again
- Sir

Breaking news this evening!
The Pakistan General has announced
that on 15th August...

they will reciprocate by returning
Indian POW's to India as well

If one extends such a warm hand
of friendship...

even Pakistan isn't so cold as to
not reciprocate

It's a pity that
we didn't take the first step

We've won. Now he'll have
to release those kids

Nothing has changed, General.
Pakistan can do what they want

You will not release the enemy
And by the way, I hope Khan
is near the helicopter...

and Ram has been tied up
Because Sanjana and her friends
have very little time left

But sir, didn't we say that
if Pakistan releases our prisoners...

An old habit of theirs. One hand
tries to put balm on the wound...

and the other hand hides a dagger
for the attack

Now you guys, get back
to your stations.

We're expecting guests
Call the Prime minister's office,
and tell him that...

Project Milaap has been
indefinitely postponed

Inform the
Pakistani Ambassador as well

No, sir
Sir, please don't do this.
- No Ram

There's a mother out there
who waits for her son

Tomorrow there will be
several mothers sitting outside

What will I possibly tell them?
That for fifty Pakistani prisoners...