Nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida

She has something special
that no one else can touch

It's the dream of any man
to go traveling with a woman he loves
I wished for that too,
and we did go on a trip

However, my fate...
no, first let me tell you how we met
Thief!! Thief!!
Thief!! Snatcher, Stop
My purse! Somebody catch him!
Get him! Please help me!
Excuse me!
Hey, stop!
It's not me, it's him!
Why are you chasing me? It's not me
It's not me. I'm a brave citizen!
He's getting away!
He's getting away! Over there!
That's what they all say
What are you doing?
My eyes! My eyes!

Help me! I'm dying here
I can't open my eyes
My eyes! Get this off of my eyes

Anything you say may be used
against you in a court of law

You have the right to remain silent,
but if you do, you're a dead man

My neck!