Nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida

"You have the right to consult a lawyer
If you're broke,"

The government will get you one
But I doubt it'll help you any

Sir, a criminal caught red-handed!
Aren't you off duty today?
Sir, a cop's a cop even
if she's off duty

Ma'am! He's the thief, right?
I caught him
Ma'am, you remember me? I'm innocent!
You were robbed at a shoe repair shop,
and I ran after the thief
Hey, shut up
Are you sure this time?
Why don't you trust me, sir?

Gimme your lD
In my back pocket
Give me a break
Occupation? Physics teacher
At Sunik Women's High
I start next Monday

Cut the crap! Or you might
get in real trouble

I can describe the thief
He was wearing a blue shirt
and black pants

He had curly hair,
and an earring on one side

His eyes were narrow, and there were
a few whiskers on his chin

He had a long nose, with white skin...
And his shoes were...
suede with gold decoration

You remember in great detail, huh?
Betray your partner,
then you can go free?

I can draw a picture of him
Shut up! You could be his accomplice

He doesn't seem like an accomplice...
Exactly! It wasn't me
I'm innocent. Really! Truly!

Hey! Come over here
He looks the same!