National Treasure

You're not supposed to be up here,
looking at that.

I just wanted to know.
Well, you're old enough, I suppose.
You should know the story.
OK, here we go.
It was 1832.
On a night much like this.
Charles Carroll was the last surviving
signer of the Declaration of Independence.

He was also a member
of a secret society known as the Masons.

And he knew he was dying.
He woke up his stable boy
in the middle of the night

and ordered him to take him to
the White House to see Andrew Jackson,

because it was urgent
that he speak to the president.

Did he talk to him?
No. He never got the chance.
The president wasn't there that night.
But Charles Carroll had a secret.
So he took into his confidence
the one person he could,

my grandfather's grandfather,
Thomas Gates.
What was the secret?
A treasure.
A treasure beyond all imagining.
A treasure that had been
fought over for centuries