Neunte Tag, Der

It's just your cardinal pope declined -
you want me to disobey the cardinal pope?

no, we just hope you can make
him regain his rationality
and also the bell from the great church.

He does not do any good things for Luxembourg.
He just holds the abolished policies in hands.

For example: Heydrich.
But there is another activity
going in our party.

Church will be kept as people
wished and find a new way

In Russian, they need missionary,
to preach to the people there

Please sit down, we can have a good talk about
this problem... - This statue is in your office.

It has no single effect on me.
Virgin Mary did not know,
the child in her arms...

...would be crucified someday
Where will you end it, priest?
What will your mother say
about all of this?

The martyr?
Read this
Please read it out loudly!
We, the conclavists of Luxemburg...
...are advocates
of the Nazi's church policy

We announce this in the name
of our truthful faith

This is for our
holy church's existence

only we stand in the side of the 3rd Reich and
its monarch Adolf Hitler, this can be possible

Please give it to the conclavist
If you don't receive a invitation
go to the parochial purser.

He's a wise man,
he should be affected by this.