Neunte Tag, Der

What did he say?
I didn't see him.
I don't mean the conclavist.

What's the meaning of the song?
It's my wife's favourite song.
But I don't know its meaning.

You know both languages,
can you translate it?

Beautiful memory...
Please wait a minute!
The night full of bright stars...

I don't understand
Charming memory...
Sweet dream...
Sweet dream...

And moonlight shining on the surface of
the ocean. Thanks, my wife's gonna love this

I'm very sorry that you
didn't see the conclavist

He's sick! I don't know
if he's gonna see me or not

But nonetheless
I know just what he'll say

Luxemburg is not
a Judas's country

Do you know what my mentor did to me?
Judas... This treacherous action I've been
doing for a long time

It's a fascinating phenomenon!
Jesus and Judas,
they're like brothers.

They depend on each other.
But Judas betrayed Jesus
for thirty silver coins.

But he didn't take any,
he threw them away into a temple.

It implies that he didn't betray Jesus for money.
Judas is cursed! God forsook him.

That's what we learnt
in our religion course.