Post coitum

- And what is our little honeybunch
doing here?

- Our little honeybunch is taking
a shit here! Close the door and get out!

God! At least one room
where I can get away from you!
You'll like it!
- And then what?

Then I'll caress your back and fanny...
- But this is my stomach!
- Then I'll lower myself down
and gently bite your nipples...
- Maybe harder...
- Then I'll lick your navel...
- Careful! It's pierced!
I thought you'd love me like this
for a year, maybe two

and then it'd be nothing special.
- But you keep worshipping me!
- But you are my goddess!

- Jesus Christ!
You should see a shrink!

You're totally hooked on me!
I can't take it.

I need to live a normal life,
sort out normal things,

and not obsess about
what anniversary it is!

Give it to me!
- But you don't have to obsess.

I'll do it for both of us.
- What are you talking about?
You get offended when I don't know!

Why don't you go out with your
buddies sometime?

For a beer, to a pub,
watch a football game...

Or even a whore hose!
To a whore house,

At least you'd learn something!
Even sex with you sucks!

So you didn't like it...
What am I doing wrong?
You're too nice to me.
- But that's why you married me.
I love you.

- Couldn't you love me
a bit less then?

Why don't you talk
dirty to me?