You know that story
about how NASA spent millions...

developing this pen that writes in zero-G?
Did you ever read that?

- And how Russia solved the problem?
- Yeah, they used a pencil.

Right, a normal wooden pencil.
It just seems like Phillip takes
the NASA route almost every time.

- Palladium?
- You've got their diagram, what does it say?

They use a ratio of platinum and palladium.
That's not necessary
with the changes I made.

They're just showing off.
If you have it, use it.

I want to get a replacement router.
- I'm putting down four ounces of palladium.
- Did Robert look at it?

- I already got his.
- I can't fix it.

- Okay. Where are you getting it?
- Wal-Mart. It's $50.

- Okay. Can you get a receipt, please?
- Yeah.

Wait, platinum or palladium
is less resistant?

- Abe? It's not a...
- Yeah, I don't care.

- So resistance doesn't matter.
- I need an aye or a yes.

- Did you jiggle the...
- The collet nut?

- Robert did it.
- Well, yes. I guess.

- Well, then, which is cheaper?
- You're not going to buy it, are you?

Well, unless you've got
a few grams of palladium lying around.

Why would they put it in there
if you didn't need it?

One catalytic converter. It's fine.
Remember to put it back.
Your emission just went up 300%.

- Is there enough in here?
- Yeah, should be.

If not, we'll pull the one out of my truck.
Okay, copper tubing.

- This will be out of commission, right?
- Without the tubing?

- We can use the Freon, too.
- No, it's going to be room temperature.

I know, just in case.
No, wait. Stop. I'll just buy the tubing.
This isn't saving us money.

- Jay? Hey, man. How are you?
- Good.

Should we be wearing goggles?