Isn't there some sort of glass
or a transparent...

Anything we can use as a window? Pyrex?
- Yeah, I'm in.
- Okay, drop it.

I don't know of anything
that won't leave a gap in the field.

But we got to see what's going on in there.
- How much did that cost?
- Yeah.

- What?
- You want to put my camcorder...

inside the box that's so dangerous
we can't look into it.

If something happens,
would you pay me back?

So we have a slightly negative pressure
in the box.

So we're ready for the argon.
- Which one is that?
- It's the blue one.

I weighed it at 77 grams.
I set the scale to decagrams, though.
I'm showing 7.7 decagrams.
Ready for...
0.05 liters of argon.
- You ready?
- Just the plate first, right?

Right, first just the plate, and then we'll...
Let's just give it a second.
- You want to do the box now?
- Yeah.

Let's go through the checklist.
Aaron, hold on a second.

Let's make sure everything's set up right.
Hold on, Aaron. Wait.

Just wait.