What did you say
to Mr. Granger a while ago?

- Did you flip my burger?
- You can't call him Mr. Granger.

You have to call him, like,
Thomas or something.

- Go ahead.
- No, because he won't take you seriously.

- He thinks we're kids.
- Lf you call him Mr. Granger...

he looks at you like you're a 6-year-old kid.
He does it with me. It won't work anymore.

Abe had taken on the task
of quantifying and explaining the device.

But as weeks became months...
their enthusiasm became a slow realization
that they were out of their depth.

There he is.
I've been calling you all morning.

- Where'd you call?
- Your work and your cell.

I'm not there.
- March Madness?
- It's Carolina and Michigan.

- Who's up?
- I don't even know what.

Do you have anything important
at work today?

I hope you're not implying
that any day is unimportant at Cortex Semi.

I was going to come give you
this big speech about how we've been...

friends for a long time and built up trust,
that whole thing.

But how about this instead?
If you ditch work this afternoon and promise
to do the few small things I ask you...

I will in return show you
the most important thing...

that any living organism has ever witnessed.
Well, it looks like mustard to me.
I know, but it's a film. It's a protein...