you've gone the charity route,
you have this perfect 100-room mansion...

with matching his and her yachts
and helicopter pads.

Basically, you have absolute impunity
to do whatever you want...

nobody can touch you.
- You're back from a two-year...
- Above the law.

Absolutely, well above. You're fresh back
from this two-year world-galloping vacation.

How do you fill your day? What do you do?
Abe, I know that's the question, but it's not
a real question, so why does it matter?

So what's the answer?
Babe, he knows that's the question, okay?
He's asking you the question.

What do you mean? What would I do
with my life or what would I do tomorrow?

My God, either.
I'd have to do something constructive.
I'd have to do something that would help...

- something that would make me feel good.
- I know. That's fantastic. Good.

- My wife. So good. So pure. You are pure.
- Shut up. Why did you ask, then?

This is what I would do:
I would wake up tomorrow morning...

and I'd go over to Gabriel Capital Inc...
and I would tell Joseph Platts' receptionist
that I'm there to see him...

and when he comes out...
I would ram my fist
through the flat of his nose.

Just one good punch, one good pow.
- That's amazing. It's about time.
- That is so great.

Where did this come from?
You're always defending the guy.

- It's unnatural.
- I'd only do it if I knew that...

no one would find out or get hurt.
Like, I wish that there was a way
that I could do it...

and then I go back and tell myself not to.
Because I just want to know
what it feels like. That's all, really.

I'm so proud.
Finally, my husband, the hero.
- We can't do that.
- I know.

Did you call pest control?
Babe, they're birds. You don't want a bunch
of dead baby birds up there, do you?

- They don't sound like birds.
- She thinks there are rats in the attic.

But the idea had been spoken...
and the words wouldn't go back
after they had been uttered aloud.