So you are understanding this, right?
You don't have to sell me
on not doing this, okay?

- I don't think I told you...
- Even if you do stop yourself...

your double, from hitting Platts,
why would he, your double, get in the box?

And with no need for it,
no possible real-world application...

no advantage at all to be gained from it,
the idea stayed.

- How would you do it?
- I wouldn't.

- Just for fun.
- I still wouldn't.

- But what if there was a way to...
- Look, Abe, look.

I'm not going to pretend
like I know anything about paradoxes...

or what follows them, and honestly,
I really don't believe in that crap.

Kill your mom before you were born,
whatever. It has to work itself out somehow.

- I don't know.
- This is what I know for sure.

The worst thing in the world is to know
that the moment you are experiencing...

has already been defined,
that this is the second...

or third time through, or whatever.
And do you ever feel like...

I don't know, maybe things aren't right,
like maybe your life is in disarray...

or just not what you would like
and you start to wonder what caused this.

People are always blaming their parents...
as if, if their mom had breastfed them,
their lives would be different.

Bunch of whiners.
Yeah, they are. But what if it wasn't
something you wonder about?

What if you knew this is not the way
things are supposed to be?

I'm not like that. I'm not into the whole
"destiny, there's-only-one-right-way" thing.

I'm not, either. But what's worse?
Thinking you're being paranoid
or knowing you should be?

You don't have to look at me like that.
I'm okay.

No, I just assumed that you would.
I trust her.

- I know that when I decided to tell you...
- Decided to tell?

I knew that you are married and that there's
no secrets. Anything I tell you, she'll know.

- It's not a matter of trust.
- I know.

It's just how much better will it be
if in a few days...

I surprise her and we all just fly
to Costa Rica or somewhere for a month?

We'll let her understand it gradually.
Maybe do some real estate shopping...