God, everything is so different in there.
You can feel how cut off you are.
It's this entirely separate world
and you encompass most of it.

And the sound.
Isn't the sound different on the inside?

It's like it's singing.
I guess you can't hear it on the outside...

- I had this dream in there.
- About what?

I was on or near the ocean,
and I just kept hearing the surf.

It was so uneventful.
At night.
And the tide kept coming in and out.

Come here for a second, man.
What's on your hand?

- Are you bleeding?
- That is blood.

- Turn around.
- You see it?

Where is it coming from? It's your notebook.
- It's you. My gosh, it's on your ear.
- What is this?

- Your ear's bleeding. Man.
- Give me that. I got it.

- Is that normal? This isn't normal.
- For the machine?

For people.
You think it's the machine? I got it.

Great. I can actually
get some work done today.

Hi, guys, what's going on?
I always seem to get a lot more done
when I'm not locked out.

He says they had to spray again.
But he can't tell us about it in advance.
Is Hero even here?

You never see anything around here
but those geckos.

- I know.
- I think it's for the geckos.

- What?
- Why?

- Hey, man, thanks for the present.
- How is that working out for you?

You know what? You guys, both of you,
you make fun, but there is a difference.