Riding the Bullet

She must have been dead
practically the whole time he'd been gone.

I don't know if it was a suicide
or a heart attack or what.

She's all bloated up...
and the car, it's filled with that smell...
and all he wanted to do was sell it.
That's some story.
Why wouldn't he just call home?
He's gone for weeks on a business trip...
he doesn't call home
to see how his wife's doing?

That's sort of beside the point, ain't it?
I mean, what a bargain! That's the point.
Who wouldn't be tempted?
Probably drive the fucking car
with the windows down, right?

It's a story. Fiction.
I thought of it
because of the smell in this car.

Which is a fact.
Check out this button. Thrill Village.
That's where I was today.
My girlfriend was gonna go,
but called and said she was sick.

You see, she gets these bad cramps
when she's O.T.R.

It's too bad...
but what's the alternative?
No rag at all? Then we'd both be in trouble.
So I went alone.
You ever been to Thrill Village?
When I was 12.
You didn't go alone, did you?
Not if you were 12, you didn't.

You didn't tell him that!
Not out loud! He's fucking with you.

You gotta just open the door,
tuck your head under your arms and jump!

He'd only reach over and grab me
and pull me right back in with him.

Yeah, my dad took me.
Your dad?