Luis just flew all the way
from Nicaragua to see you.

Everybody sends their condolences to you.
They loved and respected Robert.
Your whole family means so much to them.
Thank you.
And you know he was like a father to me.
Don't let her hurt your feelings.
She's gone crazy,
and you know how much Dad loved you.

He was never in a hurry for us to marry.
Luis, you know
he was too open-minded for that.

He would never had insisted on
a conventional ritual like marriage.

I used to think that...
but looking at Ruth now...
I wonder. Maybe it always bothered
them that I'm not Jewish...

and they just wouldn't admit it.
That's ridiculous.
I never saw him happier than the day
we made the wedding announcement.
Are you sure about that?
I'm not sure about anything except that
my father's dead, my mother's nuts...
and everyone is blaming me.
Please, come in.