Saam gaang yi

It is hard to keep secret
I hear reporters want pictures

The problem is from Hong Kong
Don't come for the next two weeks

Even the locals can't get a hold of the stock
We'll see
This is for you Thank
You know him? Who?
S.N. Wang Oh, him
Why did you break up?
It was long ago
He disliked the one-child policy
But I was aborting over 10 fetuses a day...
or over 3,000 a year; over 30,000 for 10 years
Because I had done so many abortions
He was afraid we would be cursed
It was national policy Yes...
I was serving the people; Thanks
Thanks; bye
This way, Miss
China-Hong Kong Border
X-ray, please That one?
The lunchbox Okay
Open it
Ham and egg on rice?
Yes, lunch for my son:
Ham egg, plain rice
You may go Thanks
Thank you
I didn't lie to you, trust me
Stop it!
Believe me, I didn't lie to you