- I'll see you later.
- Bye, hon.

Hey, Mary.
Sorry to hear about Dean's faggotry.

- What?!
- See you at P, circle?

Can I talk to you?
What's going on?
You promised me.
It's hard.
But I think this is the only way
we can actually help Dean.

Don't you think?
Come on.
You're not born a gay.

You're born-again.
I don't know
what I think anymore.

I've gotta go.
Wait. Don't you need me
to give you a ride home?

Not today, Hil.
Okay. Well, tonight
at the prayer circle meeting then, okay?

Prayer circle meeting
at my house at 7:00.

I'm conducting it
for Mary's gay boyfriend Dean.

You know where a guy
can get some smokes?

What's the matter?
Scared to be seen
in public with a stripper?

No. Scared of being seen
with a cripple?

I've been seen with worse.
Hilary Faye's gonna freak out
when I'm not there waiting for her.

Who cares?