Seed of Chucky

- Can you get to a meeting?
- No, it's really not an option.

- I just freak everybody out.
- Don't be so hard on yourself.

We're not here to judge you.
What's your name?

- Tiffany.
- Listen to me, Tiffany.

- I know what you're going through.
- You do?

Yes, I do. In fact, I'm gonna
let you in a little secret.

- Just last week I had a slip.
- Really?

Yeah, and believe me,
it was not pretty.

- It never is, is it?
- No.

In fact it took me three hours
just to clean up the mess.

Oh God, don't remind me.
But I'm not beating myself
over it.

- You know why, Tiffany?
- Why?

Because Rome wasn't built
in a day.

You're right.
You're absolutely right.

Speaking. Who's this?

I understand who you are, I just
don't know how you got my number.

Because it's a private number.
Pete Peters?
Yeah, I saw him yesterday.

I don't have any relationship
with him.

He's a paparazzi who
started taking pictures of me...

in compromising positions.
Redman is a director...
Oh yeah...

he's a rapper too...
he's a rapper director, okay?

Do you mind?
I'm on the phone.