Seeing Other People

Gentlemen, the world leaves
us full of wonder most nights.

Wondering if our children
will follow in our footsteps.

If our friends know how hard we push
ourselves to rise to the top.

Every Tuesday we come here and
leave the world outside those doors.

Tuesday is reserved for
the men sitting at this table.

Let 's hope the steaks are rare,
and the scotch is old.

To William Ashbury.
- It was very generous, Mr. Ashbury.
- Please, call me William.

I heard you lost the DeWitt deal.
Tough turn of luck.
Wouldn't you say that was
a tough turn, Congressman?

I would say a man makes
his own luck.

Next time one of these blow-hards
loses a deal, you buy the drinks.

Thank you, William.
If you'll excuse me.
- Maybe we should call you a cab.
- Thanks. I'm okay.