Shaun of the Dead

That is harsh.
- These are rich, interesting characters.
- Like who?

Snakehips. Always surrounded by women.
He's a bigamist.
Strangled his first wife
with a draught excluder.

And invented the mobile disco.
What about her, then?
Ooh! Cockacidal maniac.
She's an ex-porn star.
They say she starred in
the world's first interracial hardcore loop.

Cafe Au Lait...
Pour Vous.
Yeah. What about John, then?
He's North London Mafia.
It's true, Big Al says so.
Yeah, Big Al also says dogs can't look up.
Think about it. Handy with a blade.
Gruff demeanour.

Bernie, the trophy wife.
He's connected.
Why is there a rifle above the bar?

- The pub's called the Winchester.
- Exactly.

See, you don't need Liz to have a good time.
- Don't, man.
- No.

Oi, look at me.
Can I just say one thing? I'm not gonna
say there's plenty more fish in the sea,

I'm not gonna say if you love her let her go
and I'm not gonna bombard you with clich├ęs
but what I will say is this...

it's not the end of the world.
Sorry, we're closed.
What's the matter, love,
haven't you had your tea?