Steph's mom.
She spends a lot of time over there.

You got kids?
Uh, me? No. No.
No, I'd just fuck 'em up.
No, that was the one unpolluted part
of my divorce- no kids.

Yeah. Same here.
Let's go in there.
Now, for a low, low
4.8% A.P.R. financing-

Looks like our friends
are really hitting it off.

Yeah, I would say that.
So, what's your novel about?
What's my- Oh, brother.
Well, it's, uh-
it's difficult to summarize.

it starts out as a kind of
first-person narrative...

about a guy taking care
of his father after a stroke.

- Oh.
- It's kind of based on, uh, personal experience.

But only- only loosely.
What's the title?
The Day After Yesterday.
Oh. You mean today.
Um... uh, yeah.
I mean, r-right. But it's more-

So it's about, like,
death and mortality, or-

Uh, yeah-
Y- Not really.
I, uh- It de- It jumps around a lot.
That's what it's about, in a way.
You know what I mean?

You start to see everything
from the point of view of the father.

And, uh, a lot of other things happen-
parallel narratives.

It's kind of a mess.
And then, eventually,
the whole thing sort of evolves...

or devolves...
into this sort of
Robbe-Grillet mystery.

You know?
But no real resolution.
- Wow.
- It-

Well, I think it's really great
you're getting it published.

Really. I mean, I know how hard it is
just to write it, even.