You know, we're drinking
some good wines, kicking back.

- It's very nice.
- Right.

So what's happening?
There's still no word, huh?

Well, actually, there is word.
I spoke to Keith Kurtzman
this morning.

Right. And?
And... they're passing.
Conundrum's passing.
He said they really liked it.

They really wanted to do it, but they just
couldn't figure out how to market it.

He said it was a really tough call.
Oh. Right.
I'm sorry, Miles.
So I don't know where that leaves us.
I'm not sure how much more mileage
I can get out of continuing to submit it.

I think it's one of those unfortunate cases
in the business right now-

a- a fabulous book with no home.
The whole industry's gotten gutless.
It's not about the quality
of the books anymore.

It's only about the marketing.
- Excuse me. Could I get a, uh, pour down here, please?
- Sure.

There's a, uh, special
on the Syrah by the case.

Hit me again.
Excuse me.
Could you just pour me a full glass?

I'll pay for it, okay?
Sir, this is a winery, not a bar.
Oh. Come on.
Just give me a full goddamn pour.
Excuse me.
Why don't you buy a bottle,
then go outside?

- What are you doing?
- I told you I need a drink, so I'm going to help myself.

- Okay, pal? What do you think?
- Put the glass down.

Let go of the fucking glass, fucker!