You think I don't fuck you, bitch?
I'm fucking you now.

I'm a bad girl. I'm a bad girl.!
You picked him up and you fucked him,
didn't you, bitch?

Yeah, I picked him up and I fucked him.
I'm a bad girl.!

You liked fucking him,
didn't you, you little whore?

I liked it when you caught me fucking him!
Oh, yes! Oh, yeah!

You are a bad bitch.
- Yeah, you caught me.
- You're such a whore.

Oh, yeah.!
- Oh, baby.
- Oh, it's so good.!

I fucked him.
- You're so bad.
- I am. Yeah.

You are such a whore.
- What the fuck.!
- The wallet.! He's got Derek's wallet.!

I think they
were surprised by the level of protest...

that was really happening
within the company.

The injustice may be their plan,
and they said, "Well, we can’t just go- "

- Oh! Here's your wallet! Oh, shit!
- Motherfucker!

Open the goddamn door!
- I'm gonna kill your ass.!
- You got it.! You got my wallet.!

I'll find you! I will find you, bub!
I'll find your ass!

You're mine, man! You're mine!
Fuck you.! I'm gonna get your ass.!