Sivi kamion crvene boje

Neither God nor Allah
would find it, huh?

As if a magician made it.
I trust you.
But, if you insist...

- You also get a bonus.
- You're more than fair.

- From Cobe.
- A bonus? There's no need.

A bonus for you, too.
Compliments of Veljo.

Brothers, thank you
and cheers.

Why'd you kill us,
you dirty bastards!?

- Shame on you!
- Shut the fuck up!

You kiss and stab
at the same time!

My guts, they're
all spilled out.

Hold on,
don't be a sissy!

Oh, poor me,
I just got the limo.

I put them all back in.
I'll live.

No chance.
Oh, Mother, oh, my limo!
Here, fuck your Kraut car.
It's enough you killed me,
but why scratch my car!?

Look, these guys
are finished!

What a mess!