Sivi kamion crvene boje

- It's a hunchback.
- No way?

Hunchback, you son of a bitch!
I don't believe it!
They let you out already?

Same old you,
just the backpack is growing.

- Who beat you up? -Don't ask.
Can you give me a ride?

- Of course.
- Who's the pussy there?

- Better behave yourself!
- No problem. You know me.

I do, that's why.
- Sorry, did I squeeze you?
- Your squeezing is no problem.

I wouldn't mind being
squeezed by tits.

- As if they were some tits.
- Tits are tits.

I didn't know
I was a con artist type.

You're anyone's type,
but my friend Ratko here.

He only gets turned on
by trucks.

where do you get off?

You better get outta here.
Both of you.

- We're not together.
- Doesn't matter.

You might wake up with a
bullet in your head.

- Want some seeds?
- No, thanks.

Everybody's giving gold
for a rifle now.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- Anyone of ours do guns?
- Kraut does.