Soul Plane

I always loved airplanes, man.
Not just toys,
but real ones, too.

We lived
right next to the airport.

I remember my mom
would put my stroller outside

while she hung clothes
on the line.

My mom always told me
that someday,

it would be me gettin' on
one of those planes

goin' someplace better.
But I guess it didn't exactly
work out that way.

Final boarding announcement
for Worldwide Airlines
Flight 119.

I'm sorry, sir.
Your dog is too big
to be on the plane.

You'll have to check him.
Wait. No. I usually
just put him in my bag.

He's not that big.
Those are the rules.
You'll have to check your dog.

Or consider taking
another airline.

Come on, man.
- Can I just please--
- Russ.

I can't just...
Come on, Dre.
- Come on.
- Don't worry, sir.

- We'll take good care of him.
- Please do.

That's my little boy right there.
See you when I get off.
- Excuse me. Thank you.
- Enjoy your flight.

Our in-flight movie will be
Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood,

starring Sandra Bullock
and Ashley Judd.

That's the sound of my gat
This is heat.
This album is fire.

Chicken or beef stroganoff?
Chicken, I'll have the chicken.
Thank you.
Excuse me.