Not women, baby.
Girls. You got to trust me.
All young. All blond.
And this all takes place where?
In Dubai. In Yemen.
When we get to Maskala.
And now, what's Maskala?
- When we get to Dubai.
- What's Maskala?

It's where we clean them up.
We ship them rough...
...we make them nice and smooth,
and everybody's happy.

You're just a philosopher, then, huh?
How about making me happy tonight?

If there's a girl in the pipeline tonight,
you shall have her.

What do you say to that?
I say you're a stone-cold whoremaster.
I'm bleeding bad, my friend.
- What you need?
Need some tailoring tools.
If I had a wish list, I'd get you to
a drugstore. I'd get some morphine.

That'd get you back on Happy Street.
Then you get me on that plane tonight.

- Where's the gauze, ma'am?
- Right behind you.

The helo just went down.
Don't whisper. It draws heat. The helo?