Any description?
Evidently the same good looker
that hit the first bank.

Put out an alert and stake out
the downtown banks.

All right.
Thanks, guys.

The `68 NederbUrg.
[ Sighs, Laughs ]
All right.
Go ahead.
Oh! Oh.
And two of them, Andre.
It`s beautiful. They`re beautiful.

We can`t--
We can`t afford these.

There were old assets in my family.
I decided it was time to cash in.
Well, you certainly did.
It`s time you had something
as lovely as you are.

Tell me everything`s all right.
Everything`s all right.
Nothing solid.
He keeps his head down,
seems to know where the cameras are.

Generic-- six foot, suit, red hair.
- Probably a disguise.
- Yeah. Right.

I know. It`s been a bad day.
You okay now?

I`m sUre, miss,yoU`ve been
throUgh this over and over...

but could you tell me
exactly what you saw?

- You.
- Me?

I mean--
[ Chuckling ]
I-I don`t know what I mean.
It`s jUst he was,yoU know...