Stella Street

Instead of hanging 'round
A smelly dump like this

The landlady's getting old
And I spy, with my little eye,
something beginning with R.

Yeah, run!
Eh, you know, Eileen,
after all them posh hotels...

...staying with you is like staying
with me favourite auntie.

You boys want a square meal after
running from all the girls at the station.

Some of them want more
than your autograph.

- Let's do something, shall we?
- Okay.

One, two, three, four.
I should have put some butter
On me toast today

But the cornflakes
Have floated away

It's always been little bit of a favourite
spot for the celebrities for some reason.

I used to see Richard Burton
get out of his huge Daimler...

...because he was
a very rich superstar.

Wait here all night.
Why he had to live in digs here,
I'll never know.

Hello, Richard.
On your own again?

Trial separation from Elizabeth.
- What's that noise?
- Oh, it's them lads from Liverpool.

- They're making a film of our house.
- The Moptops?

L've hated them
since I've given up solids.

"Can't Buy Me Love. "
L did.

L first moved here in the very
early '60s, about 1960 or something.

And it was a different place
in a lot of ways.

Well, for me it was anyway.
Because at that time, I was struggling.

L've got three lines in this film.

I had a room in Mrs. Huggett's house.
I was in what we call "digs. "

Do you know,
that room ain't changed much?

Mind you,
she got rid of the syrup tins.

Take me to suburbia
Take me all the way
Those leafy streets are part of me
Each and every day