Stella Street

How about that? Okay, next ball.
- Go on, Mick, show him how it's done.
- Now, this I have to see.

Hey, Jerry, what are you doing here?
Why aren't you in Florida
like I thought you was?

L can see why you split up.
- That spoiled my day.
- Why the fuck are they clapping?

- That's you in, Mick.
- Thanks, Bob.

Watch this. Well, alright.
- Jack, are you watching?
- Yeah, every move, pal.

Shit game.
Hello, Surbiton.
Well, alright.

Wanna see Mick look like a total prick?
You picked the perfect time.

Keep the back straight.
Okay, I've got all the moves now.

Chief, hit me with the ball.
All right, watch and learn.
This is page one.

You gotta guard your wicket.
Watch out for LBW.

- That is so unfair!
- How about that!

There is a God.
That's the last time I play
bleeding cricket.

Bad luck, fella.
You watch me.
Barry Bonds has got nothing on me.

- Fluke! Fluke!
- Well done, Jack. Very good, mate.

That's why we're all here.
All right.
That's a very beautiful thing
you're doing there, Dave.

Thanks very much.
That thing you do with the bottles.
You walk in, lay them down, walk out...

...and just trust me
to pay you sometime.

That's what you guys do over here, isn't
it? Kind of gives you faith in humanity.