Stella Street

Tell you what.
Why don't we have our own
little party here.

Always wanted to be on TV.
Evening, Mr. Jagger.
L is a rabbit.
Show me to my hutch, baby.

Come on down, honey!
Shake your booty!

Screaming through the window
Breaking down the door

Prices at a knock down price
And you'll be back for more

Spread your sweet, sweet syrup
Right across my bread

I got beans and mulligatawny
Just running around my head

See you at the corner store
See you at the corner store

Well, I'll have yours, then. All right.
Here, Michael. You're not gonna
pressure me to do what Mick's doing.

- Because I'm just here to enjoy myself.
- So don't sing, you vaudeville prick.

Hi, Al.
Lt's Penélope, Penélope Cruz.

Al Pacino, brilliant.

L mean, who would have thought?
- Yes?
- Hi.

- Mr. Caine says you have a room for me.
- Did he? Yes.

L need a room which is really Spartan
and simple, for research purposes.

There isn't a welcome for you here.
Quite the reverse, in fact.

Oh, that's perfect.
L'll take it.

Go on, then, if you must.
Lt's up there. Go on.

Go on, upstairs, now. Lt's up there.
- Thank you.
- Yes.

Ls that Madonna over there?
Madge, Madge, Madge.
How's it going? You all right?

You gonna get up and sing later on?
Well, I'm not. They'll probably ask me.