Stella Street

Someone gives me 10 million,
I know how to double it.

Bish, bosh, you got twice the dosh
No magic.

Al, David and I had our money
quadrupled in about a week...

...because you put it through
the Camel Islands.

No, the Cayman Islands.
Okay, so what do I do?
L'm all fucking ears.

Why don't you give me your number
and I'll give you a call.

- You in on Wednesday?
- Sure.

Mick, let me finish telling you
that joke about Bill Gates.

He's a genius.
L like the way he just left me here.
Oh, Posh Spice!
Oh, amazing.

Was you in the Spice Girls
because you was pretty?

Lt couldn't have been your singing skills.
- You little toe-rag.
- Who's that ginger fuck?

All right, lads.
Don't kill him, just hurt him a bit.

- Actually, hurt him a lot.
- Michael!

Good bleeding riddance.
We shouldn't do this.
You had two bottles of Thunderbird.

Oh, it's all right, Jack.
Stop worrying about it.

- Quiet!
- Right. Keep the noise down.

- Lt doesn't look very safe.
- Lt's all right, Jack. Lt's okay.

Oh, Nick, who's gonna pay
2 million quid for a stuffed cow?

L know a guy in Havant who's gagging
for this kind of stuff. He's minted.

All we gotta do is get it
down to the van.

Look. There's our pension, Jack.
Looks heavy.
Think we'll be able to get it down?

We just pick up an end each
and pop it in the van.

L've gotta be careful.
Last year, my intestine popped out.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I'd like to propose a toast...

:40:40 this great street of ours.
To Stella Street!

Stella Street!
- Cheers, everybody.
- Hubble, bubble and seeing double

Just a little something
to make the party go with a fizz.