Stella Street

You've been a bad boy, Jimmy.
- L'm so sorry, Jimmy.
- Jimmy?

Come with me. You pull a stunt like
that again, I'll kill you.

Lt's only me, Jimmy.
Oh, hello, Mrs. Huggett, how are you?
L'm all right.
L don't know why, though, girl.

L've done more floors than
you've had hot dinners.

You work too hard.
You should be taking it easy.

L should be. Anyway,
I'm just here to change Jimmy's sheets.

L do that every Wednesday.
Every bleeding Wednesday.

Oh, my God.
What's going on here, then?

Oh, my God!
L'm fucking cleaned out!

Mad old bitch!
Help! Help!
He's taken all my money!

Yeah, that's right!
Lt's your fault, Mike!

Because of you, Michael!
- L'd have never gone near the financier.
- Yeah, you fucking prick!

- We'll have to climb out the window.
- L'm not going. Lt's a big drop.

Don't be a wanker.
Help me tie these sheets together.

- You make your decisions.
- Don't wriggle out of this.

Leave it out, Jack.
You brought this pinstriped peckerhead
into our lives. Lt's your fucking fault.

Help! Help!
And you, Mick.
- You want a portion of this, son?
- Come on, David.

Stick it to his ass!
A punch-up. They're giving Michael
a good kicking. L'll go and help.

Hold on to the rope
and just climb down.