Stratosphere Girl

:27:06 the Miss Norway competition,
that's where I was discovered.

And then I worked
as a model in The States...

But then my father found out.
You know he's very obsessive about
but I escaped and came here.

-Do you have any change?

In December, I go to
New York, to Acting School.

-You want to be an actress?

I met this photographer, who's
going to produce his own movie.

He talked to me on the street
and after the audition,

he immediately
offered me the lead.

Well, he first made
some photo's of me.

But that looks like
Gwyneth Paltrow.

No, it's me.
And after the
audition, Jeff said...

I have much more emotional
depth than Gwyneth.

Ok, so straighten
up your back,

now take long deep breaths...
keep your head a bit higher.
Oh Rachel, please stick
to your own make-up!

The bacteria's contagious,
I don't want to get pimples...

A few pimples might make
your face more interesting,

won't help your tits though.
Don't take it personally...
but sometimes I think
you have a very bad energy.

Angela, sing for table number 3.
-You should work on your chi!
-Fucking do!

With this energy,
it doesn't surprise me...

that you're in big trouble.
You suprise me.

Thank you for enlightening me,
but I'm fine.

-Really, I'm not so sure.