SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2

That may just be baby talk,
but, Stan...

...look at them and tell me
they're not communicating.

Honey, this is a big day.
When you're in business with Biscane
Broadcasting, you've hit the big time.

- Hello?
- Honey, did you hear anything I said?

- Yes, of course I heard you.
- What did I say?

What'd you say?
I said, don't you think
the babies are communicating?

Honey, where's my jacket?
Hello. Yeah.
Hi, is this Biscane Broadcasting?

Hi, this is Stan Bobbins.
No, not Dan. Stan.
Oh, and those World War II
rescue missions?

What kind of milk you drinking?
- What?
- A baby...

...who can perform
superhuman feats...

...communicate to both
babies and adults...

...and defend the children
of the world.

That creates a paradox
which defies rational elucidation.

In English, Finkleman.
I think he's saying
you're full of...

- Sorry.
- What kind of milk you drinking, Alex?

And you're trying to tell us...
...that this Kahuna is related to both
you and your cousins Sly and Whit?

Oh, whoa. Wait a minute.
What don't you understand?

Look, sit back and let me
tell you another story...

...about the legendary Kahuna
and his archenemy, Captain Kane.

This one happened
a long, long time ago...

:02:56 East Berlin in 196 2.
You know, the Berlin Wall
and all that stuff?