SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2

Kahuna's father worried
that the enemy would realize...

...the potential of his formula
and use it for evil purposes.

And he was right.
Ten years later,
Kahuna was stronger...

...smarter and faster
than anyone else.

But he was stuck in the same
little body.

He was like the Peter Pan of babies.
Hey, man, your brother gives
everybody the creeps. He's a freak.

Your brother is a regular
teenage boy. Just like you.

- You always stick up for him.
- His life is hard.

What happened wasn't
your brother's fault, it was mine.

You think he's so smart.
Well, face it.

He's a freak! I can't even relate
to this family.

I feel more German
than I am American.

I should be with people
who appreciate a normal kid!