Super Size Me

As far as your cholesterol
going up, it probably will.

As far as you
feeling miserable, may be.

I don't know.
Unless you start cheating
and just order the salads.

I also went to a fancy
new York wellness center

to meet a registered dietician
who would help
track my progress.

Okay, let's start with
getting your height and weight.

I’m 6'2".
I weight about 185.
For your height,
this is a healthy weight.

I can tell you that
right now.

Your BMI,
which is the body mass index,

is within normal limits,
which means you're not obese.

You're actually
at the correct weight.

So, I should keep a checklist
of the things that I eat

for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Your calorie needs
are gonna be averaging

about 2,500 calories a day.
As far as fat goes,
for 2,500 calories,

you're gonna want about
80 grams of total fat in a day.

The saturated fat, which is
a component of total fat,

you want to have
less than 25 grams a day.

Don't try to overindulge
too much.

Good luck, Morgan.
Hi, there. I'm Eric Rowley,
our exercise physiologist.

the official weigh-in...

We'll go through
the cardiovascular assessment,

and then I'll be able
to calculate

how much oxygen
your muscles can utilize,

and that's also an indicator
of what type of condition your
cardiovascular system is in.

All right, good work.
I’m gonna use
these skinfold calipers

to estimate
your body density.

You're 11% body fat.
that's great.

We're gonna
measure your flexibility

of your hamstrings, your hips,
and your lower back.

Good, good.
very nice.

38 centimeters
was your best.

There's a basic
old-school test

for muscular strength
and endurance.

36. Good job.
You're above average
above average fitness
for your age group,

definitely, I'd say
you're at a good spot right now.

More than 60% of Americans
get no form of exercise,

so for the next 30 days,
neither will I.