Super Size Me

And I made myself
the official taster.

I had to approve everything,
in my mind.

And I loved it.
What kid wouldn't?

I literally
had unlimited ice cream.

I ate ice cream for breakfast.
But I was sick a lot.
And I wasn't very athletic.
I was really ill.
And I didn't feel good.
So I would kind of appease that
by eating more ice cream.

You can see how the vicious
cycle would take place.

One of the triggering factors
for me was my uncle,

Burt Baskin, my dad's partner
and brother-in-law,

co-founder of the company --
died of a heart attack.

I think he was 51.
Now, my uncle weighed
about 240 pounds --

heavyset fellow.
And when he died,
as a young man, I asked my dad,

"Do you think
there could be a connection

between his fatal heart attack
and the amount
of ice cream he would eat?"

My father said,
"No, his ticker just got tired

and stopped working."
By this time,
he had sold more ice cream

than any human being that had
ever lived on this planet.

He didn't want to think that
the product was hurting anybody,

that it had contributed
to the death

of his brother-in-law, partner,
and, in many ways, best friend.

No way.
Ben Cohen,
the Ben of "Ben and Jerry's",

a couple years ago,
had a quintuple bypass procedure

at the age of 49.
My uncle,
Burt Baskin of Baskin-Robbins,

dies at the age of 51
of a heart attack.

My father, Irv Robbins, the
other founder of the company,

ended up
with very serious diabetes.

You can't deny these links.
You just can't.
Yeah, could I get
the two-cheeseburger meal?

Okay, super sized.
Second time.
Thank you, sir.
Thanks, man.
After five days
on the McDonald's diet,

what I did was I ran three days'
worth of food analysis.

the needs for you to maintain
weight at the 185

that you were at
when you came in -- 186 pounds

was approximately
2,500 calories.

Right now you're getting
almost 5,000 calories a day,