Super Size Me

Just give me one second.
I can't find the booklet.

You can use the one
right there on the wall.

But you don't have ones
you can take with you?

Do you guys have
one on the wall?

They only have fliers now.
We had one before.
They don't put it up no more.

Why not?
I don't know.
Only half the McDonald's in
Manhattan had the nutrition info

posted on the wall,
some had
the takeaway nutrition charts,

and one in four
had no information whatsoever.

This nice manager brought me
the nutrition wall chart --

from the basement.
You don't have one
that I could take with me,

like a takeaway?
Do you know when you'll have
some of the paper ones again?

John Banzhaf and I looked
all over this McDonald's

in Washington
for any nutritional information,

and then we found it.
Behind here --
you'd never see it.

It's right back there.
You can't argue
that people should exercise
personal responsibility

and then not give them
the information

on which to base it.
I got my chicken group.
There's no chicken group.
That's my cholesterol group.
It's protein.
I got my protein group.
I got my meat group.
You got meat, meat,
sugar, and fat.

I officially had to loosen
my belt the other day.

I had to go a notch lower.
One notch?
It was scary.
I’m an old pro at this now.
You'll get sick of this, too,

Your girlfriend
must be loving you.

She hates me.
Thank you. Bye-bye.
I averaged out all the calories
for the last nine days,

and you're still eating
over 200%
of what your needs are.

I suggest you cut out
all the liquids

that you're drinking
from McDonald's,

except for water.
A lot of people,
if they're obese,

and they lose 10%
of their body weight,

it's beneficial.
It can be beneficial in terms
of blood pressure and so on,

so gaining 10%
of your body weight

maybe could be
equally non-beneficial.

Here we go.
Second weigh-in.

What do you think, Eric?

About 202, 203.