Taking Lives

- Twins?
- Identical.

Has Reese been receiving
any strange phone calls, or...?

Of course you couldn't know.
Reese passed away.
I'm sorry.
They were 14.
They took a raft out on the Saint Michel.
There had been a very big
snow melt-off that year...

...and Martin fell overboard.
Reese jumped in to save him.
Only Martin reached the shore.
- That must have been devastating for you.
- It was.

Well, it was for Martin too.
You know, Reese...
He was just charismatic...
After he died,
Martin just took a strange turn.

He became violent.
And when he was 16, he stole
most of my jewellery and ran away.

The police from St. Jovite
called me just a few days later...

...telling me about the accident.
That's a great one.
Oh, yes.
Summer vacation, Fort Rupert.
And this?
Oh, that was our first symphony.
- The Magic Flute.
- Of course.

He's cute.
He was.
He was cute.
Now, that's Martin.
He always had to wear those big glasses.
Half the time, I couldn't tell them apart
unless he had those on.

Here, I'll just take...
...that thing for you.